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 Modern & Traditional Dog Training for All Breeds & Ages
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How Our Training Works

Modern and traditional reward-based dog and puppy training

  • Do you want to get the best from your dog?
  • Are you looking for effective reward-based traning?
  • Would you like your dog to have fun learning obedience?

Whichever situation you are in, Kellaway K9 Training & Behaviour can provide you with just what you need: A highly effective and very affordable dog training solution. We use Clicker and one-to-one training as well as addressing any specific behavioural issues you feel your dog has.

We love all dogs, large and small, and we know how frustrating and upsetting it is when you find you have a dog that just isn't quite fitting in to your home and lifestyle the way you need it to. We have made many discoveries about our canine best-friends and we want to pass all this information on to you. Go on, give us a call on 01460 543 560. You'll be glad you did!

Clicker Training

We find 'Clicker' training is excellent for training your pet. However, timing is very important and it is often the handler who struggles with this, initially. While the dog thinks it's all great fun, there are techniques (plus plenty of practice) that will sort this problem out for you. Still, results show that dogs learn Quicker with Clicker training compared to just using verbal praise.

One-to-One Training

We offer a one-to-one service in your home or local park so that your dog is trained in the environment he has to cope with on a daily basis. We will teach you how to train your dog and respond to the basic commands (Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Wait and Stay) together with walking on a lead without pulling.

Behavioural Problems?

Many of us give homes to 'rescue dogs' who have often had a dreadful start in life, resulting in behavioural issues that we have to try to resolve. Lots of love, training and exercise will help these dogs settle in, but some may still have problems that need more specialised or psychological treatment. First we visit your home to discuss your pets problems with all the family, we will then put techniques in place to start correcting the issue and help you the owner to understand what is causing the behaviour. Never be afraid to ask for help -- we are always on hand!

Training Day Care

We also offer to look after your dog while you are at work for the day, and
take the opportunity to train your dog in all the basics for you.

Puppy Training & Obedience Classes

We hold regular puppy and socialisation courses on Thursday evenings. These are currently held at Whitelackington Village Hall, just off the B3168 to the east of Ilminster.

Adult and Rescue Dogs

For Adult and Rescue Dogs we hold training classes, also on Thursday evenings at Whitelackington Village Hall, and these courses run right throughout the year.

If you have missed this course, simply contact us to get the dates and enrol for the next course.

Please contact us now for your enrolment forms or any other information you need.


Puppies learning and having fun at our Puppy Training Classes

So, How Do Dogs Learn?

We use a technique called Operant Conditioning (also known as 'instrumental conditioning'), in which you reward and encourage the behaviour you want. Dogs learn faster when their behaviour is being consistently rewarded. Rewards can vary from food, or a favourite toy, to even a "Good Girl!". Above all, your dog's training must be consistent.

Don't fall into the most common trap... of thinking your dog "just can't be trained" to behave in a better way, and just giving up! Get more enjoyment and improve your bond with your pet with our effective, reward-based training. Call Kellaway K9 Training & Behaviour today on 01460 543560.

Kellaway K9 Training and Behaviour

 Modern & Traditional Dog Training for All Breeds & Ages

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